Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jess sayin'

Virender Sehwag comes across as an uncomplicated fellow. His batting is predicated on a still head, steady feet, and a whirring blade. At times, however, it seems like he is throwing away his wicket chasing low-percentage options.

Not so fast, says Mr. Sehwag. What you and I may consider low-percentage options are scoring avenues for him. It is just that his definition of what constitutes a risk differs greatly from ours.

See ball, hit ball.  Why complicate things?

In a (typically) frank and open interview with CricInfo, Sehwag holds no punches and says it like he thinks. You MUST watch all three parts of the interview to realize that the fellow knows his own strengths and weaknesses so well, when he talks about them he is not worried about any mental disintegration from opponents. Michael Jordan would have been flummoxed by the fellow, for sure.

Eye on Cricket beat me to the punch and expounded on the key features of the interview. There were other leftover tidbits that I feel I can still share with you before you scoot off this page to watch the interview:

His batting philosophy: Score a run off every ball. Score as many as you can before you get out.

Pre-match preparation: It's rubbish to me. (Somewhere, Matthew Hayden swallowed a fly)

Reading Murali's doosra: Tendulkar told me that if his thumb is sticking up it is a doosra.

Is Dale Steyn the hardest South African bowler to face?: No, it's Morne Morkel. I am not comfortable against him because of the bounce he gets.

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