Saturday, March 25, 2006

AR goes to Hollywood

Last night I saw a Spike Lee directed movie, Inside Man. The movie has an enviable list of actors - Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster, Clive Owen, Willem Dafoe, Christopher Plummer - and it gripped me with the very first scene. And not because of what was on the screen but was playing in the soundtrack.

The movie starts with Swapna Awasthi singing the first two lines of a song, and then Sukhwinder Singh happily joins her. I never saw "Dil Se" in a theatre, but now I have heard the song "Chaiyya Chaiyya" in a movie hall over a Dolby sound system. And it is not just a token cameo. The whole song is played and then a remix version of it is played over the end credits.

Even more reason to go see the movie about a "perfect" bank robbery in NY, which is reminiscent of other heist movies but has some intriguing elements all of its own, bolstered by the excellent acting.


Buck said...

let's see if it ever gets released in India - Spike Lee seems to have this image of the rebel African American moviemaker making movies centred around basketball and the NYC ghetto life and so Inside Man may never see the insides of theatres in India...hopefully the DVD is available here.

Jaunty Quicksand said...

This isn't a typical Spike Lee movie. It is a movie about a man trying to commit the perfect bank robbery (Clive Owen) and the cat and mouse game between him and the hostage negotiator/detective (Denzel Washington).

I am sure it will be released in India soon.