Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maggie noodle review: Love Aaj Kal

Love Aaj Kal is not a movie I would recommend heartily. There is a very good rom-com in there somewhere but the movie-makers have not found it. Instead they have taken the story, made it predictable, and then robbed it of all its charm.

Deepika Padukone smiles in almost every scene, even when her heart is being broken, while Saif Ali Khan, sadly, seems more interested in his own looks than the girl he is courting. His best work in the movie comes when he is playing a down-to-earth sardarji. Since he does not get a chance to show off his pectorals and biceps, he concentrates more on trying to act. Where's the Dil Chahta Hai-Omkara actor hiding?

There are two actresses who do steal the scene in the short time that they are on-screen. One of them plays a simple Punjabi girl and has just three lines of dialogue but you wouldn't know it from watching the movie. The amazing thing is that the actress who played the role is Brazilian!

The other actress is a surprise (click here if you really want to know) and she lights up the screen simply because one can't but help smile at all the implications of her on the screen (least of all that she is back on the screen after a loooong time).


Leela said...

Am I the only one who liked it?
There was a sweetness to the film, though I agree seeing Saif do his cheesy bit in a song in SFO was a bit too much.
And I wish Imtiaz had chosen a diff actress; Deepika cannot act!

Jaunty Quicksand said...

The review was less blasting and more wistful.

I agree, there was a nice movie in there somewhere, if the director had invested more time into choosing a better actress and into tightening the storyline to stop the hero from being...err..heroic in current Bollywood terms which basically means, slipping off his shirt at every available opportunity.