Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sports Guy talk

Bill Simmons, the self-proclaimed Sports Guy, has a regular column on ESPN.com. You can read his entires as they appear on the webpage but to access them after the fact, in the past you'd have had to subscribe to the network itself, something I never did.

(If you have never heard of the Sports Guy or are unaware of his style of writing be prepared for some over-the-top comparisons and mind-boggling statements. If it is not your cup of tea I would recommend you don't spend much time on his site).

But now all of his old columns, rants, and mailbag sessions are available in a comprehensive archive.

My favourite mailbag of his has to be the time he debated whether Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro was the most influential and important actor of the last 30 years (scroll to the very end of the mailbag and you will find the elaborate breakdown).

Along the same lines is his debate on whether Cheers or Seinfeld was the better sitcom.

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