Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coupe du Monde

While the rest of the world is preparing furiously for the football (soccer) World Cup, I am curiously detached about it. I do not even know when it is starting, who are in the main draw, what the names of the players are and, here's the big deal - I don't care to know either. (Sorry, Tifosi Guy!)

But I do know this, if you are even remotely interested in the event, this super-cool ad by Nike should get the juices flowing. Heck, even I was curious enough to see who the "Roo" was referring to!


Tifosi Guy said...


You've got to be kidding me - no interest in football world cup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good you are based in US then - those guys don't know what football means to the rest of the world anyway :)

Right from Italia 90, I've religiously followed every world cup. I just can't wait for this one to start.

Four weeks of nothing but football to talk, eat, sleep - bliss....

Jaunty Quicksand said...

TG, even when I was in India, I wasn't too much into football. I played on a local club team as the goalkeeper (no foot-skills, hence...) for a few matches but that was about it. I got kicked in the face once for my troubles, but that only goaded me into playing a few more games. I was a damn good goalie, too.

After that I migrated back to cricket and left football behind. I think the last World Cup I watched closely was the Maradona one in the mid-80's.

I was in Chicago for the '94 World Cup and eagerly looking forward to it. Sadly, while Germany was playing the opening game (against Bolivia?) the television channels pulled away from the football to instead focus on a Ford Bronco being chased by multiple police cars in a low-speed chase along the LA freeway. Yes, OJ Simpson picked that very day to start the more notorious part of his life. *sigh*

That sounded the death knell for my football interest. And, incidentally, thanks to the over-indulgence in OJ's trial it was the last time I watched news regularly on the TV (except for a brief while in the aftermath of the events of a September day 7 years later).