Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spring cleaning

Cutting ties with the past is something that we do not do very easily. In this electronic age there are added layers of connectivity with the past that we are not even aware of.

Recently, I had a few minutes to kill and scrolled through my phone list on my cell phone. In it I found saved phone numbers of acquaintances who I had not even thought about in more than 5 years. I began deleting those names from the cell phone's memory.

Even within that process deciding which names to delete and which to save became a process of deciding which names conjured up good memories and which did not. Some names were in the deep recesses of my brain and it took me a few seconds to even place them. Those were the first to go. The rest took a little longer to do.

But now from 281 contacts on my phone, I am down to 183 names. Just as 281 was a good number of contacts to have, 183 is a good number, too, so I shall not purge any more for some time.

I wonder whether I will ever have cause to wonder why I deleted all those phone numbers. Let's see.

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