Saturday, February 28, 2009

The fickle fingers of Fate

If you have played 43 Tests and 114 ODI's for your country and partnered a world record-setting fast bowler like Richard Hadlee, you'd expect to be feted for the rest of your life. Unfortunately for Ewen Chatfield he wasn't given to loud demonstrations and did not live in the modern age of 24-hour TV channels.

Sidharth Monga of CricInfo catches up with Chatfield and is shocked (as I am, too) to find out what he does to make ends meet.
From a farm boy, to a Wellington player - Wellington, where he knew only five people when he first arrived - to a New Zealand Test player, alongside superstars like Richard Hadlee and Martin Crowe, to a taxi driver, Chatfield is living an extraordinary life in a normal manner. Still being his own idiosyncratic self. Maybe he still is a farm boy. "I wasn't interested in farming," he says.

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