Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Trip - Day 1: Fortes soli superstites sunt

At first I wasn't going to blog today because of the horrible news from Mumbai. But then a thought occurred to me - if I desist from posting an item I shall simply be giving in to their unspoken agenda. No ill-meant gesture or threatening act should interrupt our lives. It is very, very, very easy for me - sitting on a bed in the middle of a country thousands of miles away from the action - to talk like this, but I can think of no better way to thumb my nose at those war-mongers than to go on with my life (I am fully open to reasonable suggestions). I refuse to let myself get bogged down by them. So onwards I go...

After weeks of slogging it out at work, a long Thanksgiving break beckons. First things first, the rental car - a Chevy Uplander will do just fine, I suppose.

To help plan the trip a few tour books and maps were referenced, such as this one.

Going west on I-80 always meant going through the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument of Kearney, NE.

Lunch was had at a rest area that featured this odd but beautiful sculpture in a pond adjoining the building.

After crossing Nebraska, I-76 was taken into Colorado.

The Colorado Welcome Center features a very cordial staff and some well-maintained sculptures.

This one is prominently displayed in the garden next to the information center. This photograph does not do justice to the life-size sculpture.

Nor does it do justice to this one that honors the short-lived, but long-remembered, Pony Express Trail.

Unfortunately, the sun set soon after that so there was no viewing of the Rockies as Denver was crossed. I shall rectify that on the way back, I promise.

Now I shall go and sleep. I shall be in Santa Fe, New Mexico tomorrow, and vow to have many more photos to share.

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