Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cricket links

1) Suresh Menon delves into the mystique of Sourav Ganguly in great depth in this well-written piece.

2) Here's an explanation for the 2nd Test defeat from an Aussie point of view, tongue firmly in cheek.

3) Peter Roebuck, who seems to get excited and write more frequently whenever an India-Australia Test series comes around, has his very simple, but eloquent take on the reason the Aussies lost. Look no further than the title of his article for the answer. I doubt that Ponting and Roebuck are the thickest of friends.

4) Andy Bull, on The Guardian's Sports Blog, discusses the balance of power at the top of the Test table and uncovers an interesting nugget that augers well for the future of Indian cricket.
More impressive still is the record of India's Under-19 team, which, almost unnoticed, have accrued a phenomenal string of results in recent years. Since 2003, in fact, India's Under-19s have won 57 out of 64 one-day matches and lost just one Test in 15.
5) Finally, the best piece of news I have had since the Indian win is this one concerning VVS Laxman's plans for next summer.


BF said...

My gut (and vicariously, my hope too!) - Laxman completes his 100 tests and retires from test cricket and migrates to England.

Nobody has been given a worse deal despite being an all-time great than VVS and, had I been him, I would have migrated to New Zealand 5-6 years back and got a couple of World Cups under my belt too.

I will have only one reason to root for Indian cricket then - Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Jaunty Quicksand said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, BF, about the fact that VVS should have migrated to New Zealand (or Australia) years ago (and also been joined there by Graeme Hick). I am shocked to hear about his "failure" in the second Test as being grounds to drop him so India can play both Kumble and Mishra.

I wish someone could justify this logic for me. Immense grr-dom prevails.