Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Marshall law

The first college football game that I actively followed was the WVU-Marshall season opener in 1997. That game featured a whole bunch of future NFL-ers including Randy Moss. WVU's game plan was to shut the lanky receiver down but only succeeded in slowing him in a hard-fought 42-31 win. A few years later I watched Randy play for Minnesota against Detroit at Ford Field. He had put on a few pounds of muscle and the blinding speed was still there, but only when he chose to turn on the after-burners, that is.

Last year, he migrated to New England and had an enormous impact on a Patriots team that was about 30 seconds from having an undefeated season. For years, Randy has been a headline away from controversy. So it comes as a pleasant surprise when a reporter takes the time to explore the man behind the number. It is a surprisingly touching story of a man who knows his roots and is hell-bent on maintaining them, no matter what anyone else thinks.

(The article is in 4 pages, so click through them).

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