Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hubris or greed?

The IPL, once considered to be simply a branch of the BCCI, is fast taking over the reins of the cricketing world. A corny, overrated line from the Spider-man movies resonates here - With great power comes great responsibility.

The IPL is trying to dictate to the other cricketing bodies, and succeeding to a certain extent because the other Boards cannot match the money that is being flaunted at the players. Rather than lose the players completely, Boards have been willing to compromise. But the IPL is beginning to push the envelope and, in doing so, is sowing the seeds for discontent and rebellion.

Already the ECB is making noises about starting its own Twenty20 league and has taken into its fold the overseas County players still contracted to the ICL. As long as the IPL was dictating to the Boards it was on safe ground. But now in a move designed to alienate an increasing number of folks, it has unwisely decided to dictate to the media. In an age when the media is a willing accomplice, the IPL has made the mistake of assuming that its pull exceeds it reach.

Hubris or greed? You decide. Providing an excellent synopsis of the entire issue is Prem Panicker's take on the issue.

When the issue was first raised, I assumed that the threat of a media boycott would be enough for the head honchos at the IPL, specifically Lalit Modi, to rethink their stance. However, after the first round of negotiations, it is clear that the IPL is not interested in anything if it does not totally benefit them. Panicker provides a succinct account of the "negotiations" between the media and the IPL.

With all that the IPL is doing and the way in which they are operating, especially with the way they are undermining the future of Test match cricket, I find it extremely difficult to get interested in it. I am not going to follow that league. Test cricket is my favorite form and I shall continue to invest my interest in it.

I have no time for the IPL. The IPL, most certainly, has no time for the common fan, except when it comes to their money. Goodbye IPL, I know you wont miss me, but at least I shall be content that I definitely don't care for you.

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