Sunday, March 11, 2007

Resolves that dissolve

Nirmal Shekar has 10 resolutions that he would like the World Cup viewing public to consider. Many of them require common sense, nothing more. I doubt whether the media will have anything to write about if the journalists follow them, though.

One of them addresses a phrase that companies trying to sell their products have shoved down the viewers throats - the Blue Billion.
Let us resolve that we will never again say that Team India carries the hopes of a billion people and the prayers of that many are with Rahul Dravid's men. The truth — if anybody still cares for it in this age of ephemera, an age of boosterism and saturation coverage of popular sport in the media — is that a vast majority of that billion has rather more mundane everyday concerns. Their hopes and dreams are not hooked to the fortunes of the men in blue.

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