Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wandering thoughts of a random mind

As I listen to songs and let the pressures of the past week slowly ebb away, my mind jumps hoops, stopping along the way to let some of the nebulous thoughts coalesce into these points.

.... For some unfathomable reason, whenever I think of Sania Mirza, I picture Divya Bharathi. Like so:
.... I spent 3 hours today at a used book sale organized by the local library and came out with a box of books, most of them already read by me years ago. But the one I am most excited about is one that I haven't read - a bound collection of Dick Tracy comics.

... if Don Bradman's batting average of 56.57, accrued during the Bodyline series (a ploy designed almost exclusively to stop him), was to be his career average, he'd still be in the top 10 all time highest Test batting averages!

... After a long, long time I thought about ee cummings, Lala Amarnath, and Mack Bolan (The Executioner).

... Continuing my habit of picking up a TV series that I follow religiously for some time, I introduce to you - Human Target. In the show, the main protagonist - Christopher Chance - is a Death Retardation Specialist (a bodyguard by any other name). It's a show that does not take itself too seriously and is fun to watch. Perfect popcorn fare. Past TV shows that I have enjoyed for a short while are Due South and the first season of 24.

... I am not much of a historical fiction guy, but I loved O Jerusalem and almost wanted it to be true.

Eli had been walking westward for 30 years. So, why had he still not reached the West Coast? Was he walking in circles? Or did he reach it and not realize it?

And now to sleep, perchance to dream...

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