Thursday, March 11, 2010

White out

Everyday I play the lottery - the weather lottery. When I wake up in the morning, I don't rush to open the blinds so by the time I walk out the front door to leave for the day I have no clue what the weather is like outside. I get my first inkling only when I step onto the porch. Some days I have to step back in to pick up an umbrella, other days I have to shed layers of clothing.

Today I hit the jackpot - it was snowing!

(C.S. Manish 2010)
Yesterday afternoon, as the temperatures hovered in the mid-40's, I watched the 2-plus feet thick layer of ice begin to melt, leaving behind the last remnants of once-magnificent faux-glaciers. I was convinced that winter still had one last stand left and feared that it would get warm enough for the trees to start budding before a cold front rolled around and killed them off.

Fear not, fellow snow-lovers, order has been restored in the galaxy - for a few hours at least. Watching the snow swirl around outside has calmed me down and I am ready for the day. Again.

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