Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Opening gambit

My favourite cricketer-writer (as opposed to cricket writer), Aakash Chopra, talks about what it takes to be a successful opener, particularly in England. If I were Wasim Jaffer, I read this article till I had it memorized. Or better still, I'd contact Aakash and talk to him.

At the rate at which he is failing, Jaffer may end up watching Chopra open in the Third Test.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Here's Johnny!!!

I took a long, self-imposed, break from this blog. I was not too far away but needed to get some other things in order. Now things are better and I am back. So watch this space...there's more to come in the future...

A 1000 cringe-inducing words

The slogan for the state of West Virginia used to be "Wild and Wonderful". The mind boggles at the PR department that thought up this new slogan to replace that one. You know something is amiss when people start using throwaway scenes in summer blockbuster movies to demonstrate the aptness/success of such slogans.

Bearing down

One fine day, as I was driving along the highway I saw this coming right at me (or so it seemed).

A few seconds (and a prudent lane change) later, the mystery was solved and I survived to share this with you.